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It's vital that children be well versed in the practice of oral hygiene at a young age, because the older they get, the harder it is to reinforce the habit. Adults who struggle with maintaining consistent oral hygiene practices likely did not experience much discipline with it as children.
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Countless Americans possess an intense fear of the dentist. This is especially true for children as they are exposed to the stigma that dental care holds at early ages. While dental practitioners are eager to serve families and children, children aren't always to enthusiastic about sitting in the dentist chair. It's imperative that parents are able to motivate their children to be comfortable in the dentist's office.
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Cavities occur when holes are formed in the teeth due to the erosion of enamel. Enamel is the tooth’s natural protection against cavities; a hard coating on the tooth. What causes enamel to erode is the attacking nature of plaque and bacteria, as well as an excess of acid. Once the enamel is worn down to the center of the tooth, bacteria gets into the hole, causing pain in the nerves the longer the cavity is left untreated.
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Why Every 6 Months?

08 Jul, 2016 |
It can be a hassle to make dental appointments every 6 months, but the consequences of skipping these appointments can be dire
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A Summer Bucket List

22 Jun, 2016 |
Do you remember the dog days of summer? Anyone who grew up before the fateful invention of the internet knows that a three-month summer break felt like an eternity by mid-July.
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Who's Keeping Score?

15 Jun, 2016 |
Keeping up with the kids can be tricky, but it's wroth it when I get to see some of the awesome things they accomplish.
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With the first rays of spring sunlight re-energizing your daily routine, you might be thinking it’s time to mix up your diet and cleanse away all those unwanted winter toxins. And that certainly seems like a good idea.
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By the time spring and early summer come around, you’re well aware of the restlessness that disrupts your otherwise peaceful home. So how can you cure the last remnants of cabin fever and encourage your kids to get along?
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Mirror Mirror

19 Feb, 2016 |
It's said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and that extends even to the subconscious. When humans are attracted to each other, platonically or otherwise, they have a tendency to mirror one another’s mannerisms, inflections, and posture. But what if you learned to harness these subconscious signals of endearment and use them to your advantage?
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Fortify Yourself Against the Cold

22 Jan, 2016 |
Sometimes, when the wintertime blues come a-knocking, you need a super-duper top-secret place to hide away. When the cold January winds are whistling, you’ll want a spot where you and the kids can curl up with some hot chocolate and all the books you can read.
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