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Does Your Child Have A Toothache?

20 Dec, 2016 |
if your child is complaining of tooth pain, what do you do to help? When should you call a dentist. When is it an emergency? These are questions that all parents should know the answer to.
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What exactly is fluoride and why do dentists recommend using it during your 6 month cleanings.
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How to Choose Dental Insurance

06 Dec, 2016 |
Now that everyone can choose a new health insurance policy, make sure not to forget about dental insurance. This article overlooks how to determine the right plan for your family, what factors should be weighed, and more.
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We Love Dental Hygienists!

17 Nov, 2016 |
Dental hygienists are the backbone of any dental office and work to maintain the oral health of each patient to reduce the risk of a serious problem from occurring later in life. They routinely perform cleanings and work to educate patients on how to improve their oral care. For those who are looking to enter the profession, there are several benefits that come with choosing the career.
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How to Become a Dentist

10 Nov, 2016 |
One of the most noble ways that you can serve your fellow man is to become a dentist. Dentists help people feel better every day. Without good oral health, people can’t get the nutrition they need to stay alive. If you are one of the dedicated individuals who wants to become a dentist, here are the steps you need to take to make your dream a reality.
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If you are packing a lunch for your child everyday, you are already ahead of the game when it comes to healthy school meals. Preparing healthy lunches that look appetizing to your littlest family members may leave you coming up short of ideas. Look no further than these four tips that will make you a lunch time superstar.
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Dentists Love Halloween Too!

25 Oct, 2016 |
We here at Castlebury Dental LOVE Halloween.  We love to dress up in the office and see how creative our patients can be! We especially love our annual candy buy back program! Make money off your Halloween candy!
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Teaching Kids To Brush

20 Oct, 2016 |
Brushing your teeth the proper way can be a difficult task for adults, not to mention how tough it can be for kids. Since proper dental care is an important part of everyone's day, how can we teach kids to brush the right way?
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Eating For Your Oral Health

29 Sep, 2016 |
While most people don't realize it, the foods they eat could either improve their oral health or have a negative impact on their teeth. When planning meals and snacks for your family, consider the following food options.
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Teaching Kids to Floss

22 Sep, 2016 |
Despite popular belief, taking proper care of teeth starts before permanent teeth come in. Some people believe that children do not need to floss because their baby teeth will fall out, but flossing is beneficial for both teeth and gums. Teaching not only good brushing habits but good flossing habits can save children from growing up with cavities or other dental problems.
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