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Dentures And Partial Dentures

Dentures in Eagle, Idaho | Castlebury Dental

Dentures perform the same functions as your natural teeth. True, they can take some getting used to, but over time you’ll become accustomed to them and be able to eat the foods you’ve always enjoyed. We provide both partial dentures and full dentures.

How The Denture Process Works

In the case of full dentures, we’re able to fit you with either Conventional Full Dentures or Immediate Full Dentures.

Conventional’s allow your tissues to properly heal after extraction before putting on dentures, which gives you a better fit. However, full recovery can sometimes take a few months.

Immediate’s are put on as soon as the teeth are removed, so you won’t need to go without teeth. The jaw bone will have subtle changes as it heals however, so we’ll schedule follow-up’s to adjust your dentures as needed.

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