Invisalign Frequently Asked Questions
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Invisalign Frequently Asked Questions

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Why Choose Invisalign

Why Choose Invisalign

  • A Clear Alternative to Braces
  • Near-Invisibility
  • Removable and Replaceable
  • Doesn't Impact Brushing Habits

Invisalign FAQs

With Invisalign becoming one of the most exciting orthodontic treatments available, we’ve rounded up answers to your frequently asked questions. For answers to additional questions, check out our Invisalign page, Invisalign guide, Invisalign blogs, or send us your question through our contact form.

Invisalign is an orthodontic treatment that moves teeth from their current location to the desired position. Instead of using traditional wire braces fixed to posts on your teeth, Invisalign uses a series of transparent retainers. These clip into your mouth with each successive retainer in the series pushing your teeth a little closer to where you’d like them to be.

The developers of the Invisalign system wanted to create an orthodontic treatment with minimal visual impact. They understood that some people don’t want to wear highly visible braces; they want a solution that can be worn with confidence, no matter what they’re doing.

Invisalign is not entirely invisible, but because it uses transparent retainers, it helps preserve your teeth' natural white appearance - something that braces do not do. What's more, you're free to remove your retainer (as approved by your dentist) - perhaps for that special occasion.

Invisalign can solve the majority of mild to moderate teeth alignment issues. You can use the Invisalign system for

  • Crooked teeth
  • Crowded teeth
  • Gaps between the teeth
  • Under, over, cross, and open bite
  • Twisted teeth at the front of your mouth

If you have more severe tooth alignment issues, such as teeth that are angled more than 45 degrees or rotated more than 20 degrees, or you need to correct the position of molars at the back of your mouth, consult with your dentist. Other orthodontic treatments may be preferable.

Invisalign is great for people with mild to moderate bite issues, gapped teeth, and overly crowded teeth. It’s ideal for both adults and teenagers with all their adult teeth. Your dentist will be able to confirm whether your teeth are a suitable candidate for Invisalign treatment.

If you’re a person who wouldn’t be willing to wear a retainer for 20-plus hours per day, then it might not be the treatment for you. A traditional fixed brace that doesn’t rely on you remembering to put it in might be better.

The cost of Invisalign depends on the orthodontic practice you attend, the nature of your tooth alignment issues, and how much your insurance covers. The national average for Invisalign treatment runs from $3,000 to $5,000, per the Consumer Guide for Dentistry.

It’s important to note that you usually don’t have to pay out all that money upfront. Most practices offer finance options and easy-to-manage payments.

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The time it takes for Invisalign to work is comparable to traditional braces. We will be able to tell you how long your individual treatment plan should last at your consultation. Most patients can complete their treatment within twelve months.

Invisalign is suitable for most adults and adolescents who have their permanent teeth. If you’re the parent of a teenager who wants Invisalign, you’ll want to arrange an appointment to assess the current state of their teeth.

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