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Dental Hygiene And Periodontal Health

Dental Hygiene | Castlebury Dental

Visiting our office is a great way to receive a thorough cleaning and any other treatments you may be undergoing. However, excellent oral health begins and ends at home. We want to encourage your personal habits to include good hygienic practices because that’s what will keep your smile strong and brilliant.

We offer periodontal cleanings and treatment because healthy teeth aren’t just important to having a nice smile but to overall health and well being. Healthy gums are also important to maintain for the same reasons. We can do many treatments in our office or we can refer you to specialists to meet your needs more directly.

Oral Cancer Screenings

Screening for oral cancer is a key element in dental appointments and are becoming easier to do because of advancements in technology. Finding signs of oral cancer early on is extremely important to the success of treatment because we can begin working on it before it is irreversible.

Lifestyle can affect the probability of oral cancer; if you smoke or drink heavily, make sure you get screened regularly when you visit our offices.

Root Planning

The other part of a typical dental hygiene appointment involves removing the tartar and plaque build up that collects on the teeth and most especially just below the gum line. If this is not removed then harmful bacteria can grow and spread and lead to tooth decay and other problems. If your teeth are sore or your gums have been bleeding, this will be especially important, so be sure to tell us when you come in for your check up.

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