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When you are missing a tooth or teeth, a bridge is the perfect solution. Essentially, the teeth on either side of the empty space are fitted with crowns with an attached new tooth in between them. It is made in such a way as to last very long and to mimic your real teeth as closely as possible.

The process is fairly simple. The teeth that will be holding the bridge are shaped to provide the right base. A mold is taken and sent to a lab where the permanent bridge will be created from gold, metal, alloy, or porcelain. A temporary bridge is fitted to protect the contours and exposed gums until the permanent one can be set with adhesive.

Why Is This Solution Good For You?

Beyond the simple aesthetics of your smile, structural damage and difficulty eating and speaking are common results of missing teeth. We would strongly encourage you to consult with us about getting a bridge if you are missing any teeth.

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