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Why Does My Dental Crown Keep Falling Out?

16 Oct, 2019 |

We all know that dental hygiene matters. That’s why we brush twice a day and attend regular dental appointments. But, despite our best efforts, time and decay can still take their toll. When that happens, we may need more than just a ten-minute check. Most commonly, small issues of decay require a surface filling. If problems go unchecked, though, decay could become more serious, and could even lead to fractures or broken teeth.

If that happens, your dentist will likely recommend something called a crown. This is a fixed prosthetic device which is cemented to the remainder of the tooth, taking the place of the fragment you’ve lost.

As a general rule, a crown shouldn’t cause you discomfort. It certainly shouldn’t fall out. For some patients, though, the falling out of dental crowns is an ongoing issue. If this is happening to you, remember that this is an exception and not a rule. Then, consider the following reasons why your crown might keep letting you down.

Problem: Poor Dentistry

If a crown is poorly fitted, there’s no way to keep it in place.


A reliable dentist like the ones found at Castlebury Dental will take precautions to ensure your crown is as secure as possible. A dentist should first reduce the risk of future decay through a root canal or other means. They should then either use your existing tooth core as a base or create a core onto which your crown can secure. A dentist should also take molds of your tooth so they can design a crown which is 100% cut to the shape you need. After the procedure, they should also check your bite. Failure to take note of any of these steps could lead to an unsecured crown which will inevitably keep falling out.

Problem: Lack of care

If the fault doesn’t lie with your dentist, it’s possible you aren’t caring for your crown like you should.


To ensure that your crown lasts as long as possible, you do need to take certain precautions in your habits and dental hygiene. For instance, paying particular attention to your crown when you brush and floss is vital. It’s also important to avoid chewing sticky or hard foods directly on your crown. And, whatever you do, get out of the habit of opening packages with your teeth! All of these are mistakes which could see you losing your crown in no time.

Problem: The end of an era

Sometimes, a crown falls out when it’s at the end of its lifetime. While you can extend the lifetime of a crown by taking note of the care practices mentioned above, even the best-kept crown only has a lifespan of around fifteen years. After that stage, it will keep falling out no matter how often you get your dentist to refit it.


If your crown keeps falling, then, it may well be a simple sign that you’re overdue a replacement which our Idaho team would be more than happy to provide for you.

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