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What is an Overdenture?

12 Feb, 2019 |

When a patient is missing all of their upper or lower teeth, they have several options available to them to replace those teeth. Some people prefer the conventional dentures that sit on the gums. While others prefer dental implants or overdentures. Overdentures are great for those who want comfort and an increased level of function. These dentures are removable and are attached to the natural teeth or dental implants.

Overdentures are a great way to replace teeth. This method will combine dental implants with dentures to help the patient feel like they have a full set of teeth in a natural way. Getting overdentures is also highly affordable compared to other options out there. A patient with overdentures will be able to bite into almost anything they want to.

Over time, when people do not stimulate the jawbone they can lose muscle loss and cause negative health effects along with aesthetic effects as well. Regular dentures do not allow for stimulation of the jawbone and this is what leads to the appearance of a sunken in face when a person wears dentures. Overdentures require anywhere from 4 to 6 dental implants that are put inside the jawbone. These support the attached denture and help provide the stimulation that the jaw needs.

The Benefits of Overdentures

There are several benefits to getting overdentures and they are:

  • Aesthetics: This method protects the jawbone from muscle loss and helps keep the appearance of the face as it should be.
  • Health: Protects the jawbone and allows for proper consumption of foods.
  • Proven: There are many people who have been satisfied with getting overdentures.
  • Function: Overdentures allow for eating and chewing most foods without any restriction.
  • Comfort: Overdentures are extremely comfortable and cause no pain.
  • Easy maintenance: Overdentures are extremely easy to maintain and can be cleaned just like normal teeth.
  • Reliability: Overdentures will stand the test of time and patients who get these will not have to worry about their teeth again.

Overdentures are a great way to help those that wish to have normal functionalities of their teeth again at affordable prices. Patients should consider overdentures when they are looking to replace their teeth.

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