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What Is a Dental Inlay?

11 Jul, 2018 |

Dental inlays are usually indirect restorations such as fillings for decayed or damaged teeth. An inlay is made from metal, composite resin or porcelain materials to protect your damaged or decayed tooth.

Why Do You Need a Dental Inlay?

After an examination, a dentist may tell you that you have a cavity or other type of damage to a tooth that requires an inlay to protect the tooth's surface. With dental inlays or fillings, you can prevent additional damage or infection in a damaged tooth.

How Many Patients Require Dental Inlays?

Many adults, teenagers and children have dental inlays, and this is one of the most common types of restoration procedures that are performed by dentists.

How Does a Dentist Determine If You Need an Inlay?

When you visit a dentist for an examination, a dentist can see if you have a cavity on the surface of a tooth. If a damaged tooth is toward the back of the mouth, then a metal inlay or filling is appropriate. However, when the cavity is toward the front of the mouth, a color-matching porcelain or composite resin dental inlay can create an attractive smile.

What Is the Usual Outcome From a Dental Inlay?

Each dental inlay is customized to fit precisely over the cavity or tooth damage area, and it is attached with durable waterproof resins. With a dental inlay, you can continue to eat a normal diet without damaging the tooth or experiencing any discomfort. Dental inlays will last for many years when you take care of the items by brushing and flossing your teeth.

What Happens If You Don't Have an Inlay?

Without an inlay, the infection in a tooth can spread to the dental roots and nerves, leading to the loss of a tooth.

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