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Waterlase Dentistry is Having a Positive Effect on Overall Health

13 Nov, 2018 |

Waterlase Dentistry takes the drilling out of the dental drill for good. Gone are the heat, pressure, and vibration still related to most dental procedures. For patients that have off the scale anxiety or Dentophobia, this is a significant breakthrough. If that major stride in dentistry wasn't enough to send you running to the phone to make a dental appointment, there's more. Dental procedures that use Waterlase requires little to no anesthetic or numbing agent.

How Waterlase Works

Waterlase uses a water stream and laser energy that works much like a scalpel. When utilizing the laser for periodontal disease, there is little need for stitches. The laser vaporizes the problem tissue, seals the blood vessels, and sterilizes the treatment area. This method lessens the chance of infection to the gums and speeds up healing time. Removing the decayed area of the tooth and prepping it for the filling is effortless. Waterlase can be used to cure the filling material decreasing time in the dental chair.

Many Benefits of Waterlase

This dental method has made biopsies and lesion removal less invasive. Using a laser in the harvesting of a small piece of tissue required for a biopsy is nearly painless. Cosmetic dentistry also benefits greatly from Waterlase. It acts as the heating component when bleaching or bonding the teeth. The laser can be used in a multitude of dental corrections like straightening a gumline giving short teeth an appearance of length.

Waterlase Makes Dentistry Available to All

As with any facet of dentistry performed by a laser, there is not nearly as much post-treatment discomfort. This pain for some is the determining factor on whether or not to even see the dentist on a regular basis. If this fear can be eradicated for many, it can turn a smile around. Having a positive effect on oral health and long-term positive impact on overall health.

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