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The Power of Self-Improvement - Why I Never Stop Learning

23 Mar, 2017 |

As a dentist, your education doesn't end when you earn your diploma. Dentistry is always evolving, and it’s important to me to provide the best possible service to patients. I never get tired of learning new things and jump at any opportunity to increase my expertise.

Just a few weeks ago, my team and I returned from a conference in Phoenix, Arizona. The conference was full of engaging speakers that had a wealth of tips to improve the practice. It’s easy to focus on keeping up with the latest technological advances in the field, but there’s a lot more that’s required to run a great office. At the conference, we also received some pointers on everything from practice management to marketing.

Even more important than the tips and tricks, perhaps, is the chance to do some team-building. We’re a tight-knit group at Castlebury, but taking a trip together allows us to strengthen bonds in a new way. We see each other every day, but our interactions can become routine. Spending time together outside the office lets us see each other in a new light, which leads to surprising and valuable new connections. Unfortunately, I was a little under the weather in Arizona and couldn’t participate in some of the extracurricular events. Another advantage of having a great team, though, is that they can raise their game when I’m feeling a little down.

My desire for continuing education and self-improvement isn’t just confined to the office. Another recent trip I took was to Logan, Utah, with my wife. Marriage is a lifelong process, and we both cherish the opportunity to get away from our daily lives to spend time with one another. I never take for granted how lucky I am to have a wife who is as devoted to our relationship as I am. We love one another so much that the time we spend enhancing our relationship never feels like work.

Last month, I mentioned that one of my New Year’s resolutions was to spend time every day reading or listening to high-quality, valuable content. I have stuck to my plan so far, and it is going great. Engaging your mind with positive information resonates to other parts of your life. I feel energized after my learning sessions the same way you would after a workout. Too much entertainment is simply fluff, and I’ve loved replacing it with more meaningful options.

All of this continuing education has 2017 off to an invigorating start. I’m excited to keep the momentum rolling throughout the rest of the year. I’m so thankful to have a team and family that supports my efforts to get better in every aspect of my life. Here’s to always striving to improve!

- Dr. Brown

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