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The First Impression: Your Smile

22 Feb, 2017 |

A smile tells others so much about us. It completes the image of beauty stamped on each face. It reveals the emotions one may be feeling, as well as his or her attitude expressed in a greeting. Your smile is one of the most memorable things about you. If yours is not stellar, improvement is readily available with the help of a professional orthodontist. People of every age now enjoy the benefits of having a beautiful new smile.


Orthodontic treatment is available in many forms. You may be eligible for six months' braces, or in some cases, Invisalign, a type of braces that is nearly invisible to the casual observer. Occasional visits for orthodontic adjustments usually take just minutes and can be scheduled at the patient's convenience.


Treatment often achieves speedy results. Gaps can be filled by moving teeth forward, and tilted teeth can be shifted upright. An overbite or under-bite is correctible for more even wear on the teeth and a more attractive appearance. Within a period of months for most patients, you will be able to enjoy a lovely new smile that will enhance your confidence and draw second or even third looks from others.


Straight teeth that are in correct position not only look great, but they also function more efficiently to chew food and enhance speaking. Digestion begins with the chewing process, and straight teeth can enhance the digestive process overall. Teeth that are correctly placed are easier to clean and maintain, resulting in fewer cavities and fillings.


Orthodontia is more affordable than ever. Payment plans at low or no interest may be available to help everyone take advantage of this valuable cosmetic service. The orthodontic office staff will discuss available options to help you set up a payment plan that works with your current budget.

For a smile that makes everyone, including you, feel good, consult an orthodontist about your corrective options. Chances are the orthodontist can offer a plan that will make you look and feel better than ever.

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