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Even if you've reached a point where your child is in the habit of brushing regularly, it's not always easy for them to embrace flossing. Make it a less stressful task by considering some of the following fun ways to get your child to floss.
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Tips for a healthy summer

21 Jun, 2017 |
With work slowing to a crawl and school closed up until next year, summer just begs to be taken slow and lazy. Now is the best time to take advantage of the long days and warm nights.
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Oral Health During The Summer

14 Jun, 2017 |
Nothing is better than enjoying all of the warm weather and fun activities that happen in summer. However, during this season, many people neglect their oral health and end up paying for it later on.
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Fix Your Smile During The Summer

07 Jun, 2017 |
With incredible orthodontic advancements in technique, materials and tools, a brand new smile is now only a few months away.
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If you are a teen or adult who has problems with your teeth, your self-esteem can really take a hit. This is where a great alternative called Invisalign comes in.
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Are Veneers Right For You?

04 May, 2017 |
Veneers are used when a single crown or bridge would be insufficient. If you have multiple cracked teeth, gaps, misalignments, or chips, then a veneer is the easiest solution. It is a thin, permanent mold that is adhered to your teeth to smooth the surface, fill in gaps, and even out the edges. Basically re-molding your smile all at once.
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Straighten Your Smile This Summer!

28 Apr, 2017 |
Let's straighten your smile this summer with Invisalign! Here are the benefits of doing it during summer and wowing everyone when you see them again in the Fall:
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Through an experience in Denver that only 28 doctors in the U.S could participate in, I learned enough about Invisalign to be invigorated
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Boise wedding season is coming up, let's fix your smile with Invisalign!
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Invisalign simply involves using a series of plastic aligners to move your teeth into the desired positions, and you can get started improving your appearance by understanding the following information about this revolutionary treatment.
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