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New Ways To Create Smiles - What I Learned At a Recent Course

20 Apr, 2017 |

I recently returned from an Invisalign course in Denver, and I'm still invigorated from all the information. Two intense days of learning about the latest innovations in aligners might sound like punishment to some, but for me, it was exhilarating.

I never tire of learning how to improve care for my patients. I seek out many continuing education courses throughout the year, but this one really stood out.

I was lucky to attend. This wasn’t a course where you could just register, write a check, and show up. Only 28 doctors from around the U.S. were chosen to participate.

Our local Invisalign rep nominated me as a worthy candidate — maybe because he knows how excited I am about learning — and I was fortunate to be selected. Courses like this one, led by industry experts, are rare opportunities for improvement that don’t come around every day.

Invisalign has come a very long way in a short period of time. About a decade ago, they were seen as an inferior alternative to traditional braces. They took longer, and the results weren’t as consistent. As more people grew interested in discreetly straightening their teeth, research and development went through the roof.

These days, Invisalign is just as fast as traditional braces, and the results are equally predictable. The materials have greatly improved as well. They are now stronger, work better, and are harder to see than ever before.

After the course, I have learned to better recognize opportunities for Invisalign treatment. With some corrections taking as little as six months, suggesting Invisalign to a patient can rapidly improve their quality of life. I always want to give patients the best options for improving their smile, and Invisalign offers a different route.

People that would balk at the idea of wearing braces are often receptive to a brief Invisalign treatment.

We offer many cosmetic dentistry options here at Castlebury Dental. Being a dentist is all about giving people reasons to smile, and improving the appearance of their teeth does just that.

If you’ve always wanted to improve the way your teeth look, but thought treatment would be too intensive, you’ll be surprised how far technology has advanced. Cosmetic improvement is often quick and painless.

Wedding season is fast approaching, and who wouldn’t want to have a perfect smile for all those photos?

We have two members of our office with weddings coming up this spring. I want to send a hearty congratulations to both Jessica and Trisha before signing off. Given how wonderful they are, I can say for certain that their future husbands should consider themselves lucky

- Dr. Brown

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