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How Many Appointments Are Needed for Invisalign?

21 Nov, 2019 |

So, you have crooked teeth and want the best possible treatment for straightening them, but you do not want to endure metal braces in your mouth. There are many possible reasons you might be adverse to the idea of metal braces, including hearing stories of people with braces taking pain relief medication and suffering cuts in their mouths, not wanting to get food stuck in your braces every time you eat, or just not liking the look of a lot of metal gear in your mouth. Although braces do a good job of straightening teeth, let’s assume this old brutal method is just not for you. Luckily, there is a less-invasive, nearly invisible alternative that may be the perfect solution for you. It is called Invisalign.

What Are Invisalign Clear Aligners?

Invisalign is used by dentists and orthodontists to adjust crooked teeth, crowded teeth, gaps, under/over/cross/open bite, and twisted teeth. Instead of using traditional braces that are glued to the teeth, Invisalign (as the name suggests) is a set of clear teeth aligners. They are plastic and do not rub or create cuts inside of the mouth compared to metal braces. People who choose Invisalign love that they are also nearly invisible compared to their counterpart. Since Invisalign clear aligners are also removable, they allow for a much easier method of cleaning teeth. You do not have to worry about pieces of food getting caught in metal wires, causing more unsightliness or leading to potential discoloration or cavities in your mouth.

How Many Appointments Are Needed for Invisalign?

With Invisalign, the majority of the work the dentist needs to do in order to prepare aligners, can be done within their office. They begin with an evaluation and then proceed to creating 3D scans of your teeth. In some cases, the dentist can print your trays in house too. You may only need 2 - 3 appointments to check progress.

Generally, you will spend far less time at the dentist than you would with metal braces since:

  • The number and duration of appointments required for adjustments to metal braces will not be needed.
  • The risk of repairs is lowered without metal wiring or brackets that can snap.
  • It is sometimes possible that the trays can all be given to you upfront.

There are several factors that your dentist will consider when determining the frequency of appointments necessary for your case including the amount of adjustment your smile requires, and how often it should be monitored for progress. If you know your teeth are particularly bad, you may need a little more help.

Are you Ready for a Confident Smile?

Why hide your smile behind your hand any longer? You could have an amazing smile in less appointments than required for metal braces, with less pain and by using nearly invisible aligners!

If you are embarrassed by crooked teeth and are wondering if Invisalign is a viable option for you, please call Castlebury Dental at (208) 855-0080 or submit a contact form to book an Invisalign consultation with one of our dentists. We are located in Eagle, Idaho at 3209 W. Bavaria St., Eagle, ID 83616.




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