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Dental Sedation for Special Needs

15 Apr, 2019 |

Providing dental care for people with special needs can sometimes be a challenge. Depending on the patient's cognitive abilities, past traumas, phobias, motor control, and level of physical discomfort, a visit to the dentist can sometimes be an extremely frightening experience. In cases where the patient refuses to comply with the dentist's procedures or refuses to visit the dentist at all, sedation might be the best method to ensure the patient's mouth remains healthy.

A Variety of Options

There are a wide variety of sedation methods available for people with special needs. The situation will determine what methods will be utilized. Some patients are provided with medication to fight anxiety and help them relax prior to getting in the dental chair. This can make it easier to put in an intravenous line and provide more medication. The patient may remain awake and in a relaxed state during the appointment, or they may be fully unconscious.

A Professional Touch

The proper use of sedation techniques is a complex science. The individual patient's needs, sensitivities, allergies and specific health conditions must be taken into account before a method of sedation can be recommended. Sedation is only safe when performed by qualified dental professionals.

Along with medical knowledge, the dentist needs to have a deep compassion for patients and an understanding of the various ways that having special needs can affect one's perception of dental care. For example, some patients with autism don't like being touched, which can make a visit to the dentist a horrifying experience without the correct use of sedation techniques.

Here at Castlebury Dental, we provide service for patients with a variety of special needs. If you or someone you love has special needs and requires a visit to the dentist, please give us a call today. We are happy to help you move forward toward healthier teeth and gums. To see more of what we can do, click here to visit our services page.

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