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Eating For Your Oral Health

29 Sep, 2016 |

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Eating For Your Oral Health

While most people don't realize it, the foods they eat could either improve their oral health or have a negative impact on their teeth. When planning meals and snacks for your family, consider the following food options:


Cheese is one of the best foods for oral health. Among both adults and children, cheese has been found to reduce plaque acid and cover tooth pores with calcium.

Due to its texture, cheddar cheese works best when used for dental hygiene improvement.


Raisins not only go well together with cheese as part of a delicious snack, they also help kill plaque bacteria. They are free of sugar and act as a good source of compounds that reduce gum disease causing bacteria.

Foods with Vitamins

Vitamins are not only good for overall health, they also help in fighting gum disease and plaque erosion.

Some of the foods that can help deter erosion enamel include eggs, fish, lettuce almonds and meat. Minerals that come from these foods help to fill in micro holes that are caused by other harmful items.

Food Items that can be Harmful to Overall Oral Hygiene

While delicious and fun to eat, the following items can be harmful to your gums and teeth:


Similar to other extremely hard food items, ice can be detrimental to your tooth enamel. Chewing on too much ice can also lead to a cracked tooth and an emergency trip to the dentist's office.

Citrus Fruits

Lemons and limes, while great for overall health, can cause long term tooth decay. Limit the amount of your citrus intake and try to stick to regular water. It's also important to avoid other acidic food and beverage items.

Sticky Food

If you enjoy a healthy dose of trail mix on a daily basis, make sure to rinse your mouth out with water and floss immediately after your done eating. Sticky food items tend to stay on and in between your teeth and gums for much longer, leading to a variety of oral bacterial issues.




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